Continuous Publication

NWR continuous publication FAQ


What is continuous publication?

On this model submissions will, as soon as they have gone through the review process and been accepted for publication, be released online for open review. Issues will build gradually, with articles being added to the contents list as soon as they are ready (i.e. have undergone a first copyedit). The “issue in progress” is the issue that is open and to which we are continuously adding new articles. At the end of the year, the issue is closed. It will then be typeset and published as an annual volume.


Why is NWR introducing continuous publication?

This publication model is better suited for Open Access electronic publication than our previous model, which was designed for traditional print publication. We are committed to making research available for the community as quickly as possible, which is beneficial for both readers and authors. The continuous publication model will also facilitate the open review process, shorten turnaround time and increase the visibility of individual contributions.


When will continuous publication be introduced?

We start continuous publication as of Volume 9 (2020).


Will continuous publication affect deadlines for submissions?

Yes, in the new model we no longer have specific deadlines for submsssions. Received submssions are processed continuously, and submsssions that are accepted after peer review are released online for open review. 


Will continuous publication affect the Open Review process?

Yes, in so far as we will now be able to offer Open Review for all accepted submissions. Once a submission is accepted for publication, it will be pre-published for Open Review, which means that it will be available online for commenting for one month.  After the open review the author will have a chance to take heed of the comments received and make amendments and corrections. After this, the submission receives a final copy-edit, and the final, revised version is published as ”epub ahead of print”.


Will the journal still have traditional page numbering?

Yes, but only the complete issue will have continuous page numbering. The individual articles that are published while an issue is in progress will, to aid reading of the PDF, be numbered starting from page 1.


Will there be any changes to the way articles are to be cited?

Accepted publications receive a permanent DOI as soon as they are made available online. While an issue is in progress, it is important to mention which version of the article one is referring to and to include this information in the reference.

Articles in Open Review              

Author, A., Author, B. C. and Author D. E. (Year). ”Title of paper here”. Nordic Wittgenstein Review vol. 00. [Prepublication for Open Review]. [accessed date.month.year]

Articles published after the Open Review period:

Author, A., Author, B. C. and Author D. E. (Year). ”Title of paper here”. Nordic Wittgenstein Review vol. 00. [Epub ahead of print]. [Accessed date.month.year]

Once an issue is complete, the submissions receive traditional consecutive page numbering as part of the annual issue/volume.


Will continuous publication affect the number of issues published?

Yes, we will only have one annual issue/volume instead of two issues per year. This also means that we do not have any specific deadlines for papers. We still intend to publish the same amount of papers annually as before. Special issues will be treated separately and are not affected by our shift to continuous publication.


Will the journal be available in print?

Yes, once a volume is completed and published it will also be available as a print issue (print-on-demand).