Author Guidelines

Submitted papers should not exceed 8000 words. (If a longer version of the paper exists, this should be noted in the Comments for the Editor field.)

The papers must be submitted through this platform.


Abstracts should not exceed 200 words.

Headlines and sections
Numbered intermediate headlines are to be used. Headlines levels are two. Numbering begins at 1. (Avoid metatextual section headlines such as “Introduction” and section headlines consisting of only numbers.)

Use double line space.

Use double quotation marks (“...”).

When the quotation exceeds 30 words, use block quote (not quotation marks). Use single line space in block quote. (If block quote contains quotations, use double quotation marks.)

The number of footnotes is to be kept to a minimum. Footnotes are not used for references.

In-text references
Secondary literature bracketed: (Author YEAR: pagenumber), eg. (Hertzberg 1994: 22).
The last name is left out, when the author is explicitly mentioned: "Hertzberg writes about the issue (1994: 22)..."

References to Wittgenstein's works shall preferably use the abbreviations introduced in the bibliography at (Pichler, Biggs, Szeltner 2011). In-text reference style (abbreviation: page or paragraph number), eg.  (PI: § 1).

List of references
Malcolm, N., 1951. “Philosophy for Philosophers”. Philosophical Review 60, 329–340.
Swinburne, R., 1977. ”The Problem of Evil”. In: S. C. Brown, ed., Reason and Religion. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 81–102.

Article titles with quotation marks, book titles italicised.
Articles: The period after the article title should be after quotation marks.
Repeat name of author for each bibliographic item.

Each new paragraph should be indented (with the tab key, not space, never double space).

Punctuation outside of quotation, and if in connection with reference, after it. Punctuation before footnote number. Examples: If he would say for example “The end is nigh”. Specifically, he writes that “the road leads further” (Phillips 1975: 2). In block quotes, the reference should come in parenthesis after the punctuation mark.  

See earlier articles published in Nordic Wittgenstein Review for guidance, or contact the editors.



The From the Archives section, run and edited by Alois Pichler, is primarily intended as a forum for informing about, presenting and publishing unpublished archive material that is relevant for Wittgenstein scholars.

Submissions should be made on the platform and will be peer reviewed, but will not undergo double-blind peer review.

Contributrions should follow the NWR Style Guide (and other author guidelines where they may apply) above. The length of the contributions can vary and is agreed with the section editor,  who is also the person handling acceptance / non-acceptance of the submission. 



Potential reviewers are advised to contact the book review editor before submitting a review. 

A book review should give an overview of a work as well as an evaluative discussion of it. It should not exceed 1 100 words in length (including list of references).  

It should follow the NWR Style Guide (and other author guidelines where they may apply) above.

Reviews are to be submitted through this online platform (requires enrollment as author):
Reviews submitted may be published only online or left unpublished upon editor decision (depending on space, themes etc.).



We welcome short contributions, relating to material previously published in NWR, which carry issues of broader interest or validity in a constructive manner. (These contributions are not subjected to blind peer review.) Individuals wishing to contribute to the replies section are asked to contact the Editor-in-Chief.