G. H. von Wright's Unpublished Edition of Wittgenstein's "Last Writings": Editors' Preface and Other Materials, ca. 1967–68

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Lassi Johannes Jakola


Part II of this contribution makes available materials preserved of G. H. von Wright’s hitherto unknown edition of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s last writings (1949–51) from 1967–68. The edition was never published. The underlying MS material (MS 169–177) was, instead, published in four different edited volumes in 1969, 1977 and 1992. Part I, an introduction to the archival items, contextualizes von Wright’s edition historically, presents a reconstruction of its structure, compares it with the published volumes and discusses reasons for its abandonment.

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Lassi Johannes Jakola, University of Helsinki

Lassi Jakola is a doctoral student in Classics and Philosophy at the University of Helsinki. Presently, he is finalizing his doctoral dissertation on G. H. von Wright’s Varieties of Goodness (1963). Besides von Wright, his research focuses on the sophistic movement (5th century BCE), early Greek philosophical terminology, and the editorial history of Wittgenstein’s writings.