Wittgenstein to Sraffa: Two Newly-discovered Letters from February and March 1934


  • Moira De Iaco University of Bari




This paper introduces and publishes two letters from 1934 written by Wittgenstein to Sraffa. The first of these confirms that on the one hand Wittgenstein and Sraffa had communicative difficulties.  On the other hand Wittgenstein acknowledged the strength of Sraffa’s thinking and he was aware of being positively influenced by it. The second longer letter is part of a debate between Wittgenstein and Sraffa that had been ongoing in the few weeks preceding the letter. In the letter, Wittgenstein tried to clarify and review in part his thinking on the points he discussed during the debate.

Author Biography

Moira De Iaco, University of Bari

Moira De Iaco (b. 1985) received her DPhil in Theory of Language and Science of Signs by the University of Bari. Since 2017 she has started teaching at the Department of Languages, Literature and Arts of Bari’s University. She is finishing her second PhD in Philosophy at the Universities of Salento and Cologne working on Sraffa’s Influence on Wittgenstein. She is author of several articles and two monographies about Wittgenstein’s philosophy (Solipsismo e alterità. Wittgenstein e il mito dell’interiorità and Il segreto dell’arte. Duchamp e Wittgenstein). She has earlier published “A list of meetings between Wittgenstein and Sraffa” in Nordic Wittgenstein Review 7 (1) 2018.