NWR Special Issue: Wittgenstein and Feminism


NWR’s third Special Issue, “Wittgenstein and Feminism”, guest edited by Sandra Laugier, Mickaëlle Provost, and Jasmin Trächtler has now been published. The articles in this issue are open for comments in our Prepublication Open Review until the end of the year.

The special issue contains an introduction by the editors, contributions by Valérie Aucouturier, Layla Raïd, Camila Lobo, Jasmin Trächtler, Lisa McKeow, Luz Ascarate, Isabel Gloria Gamero Cabrera,  Mona Gérardin-Laverge, and Martha Alicia Trevino-Tarango, and an interview with Alice Crary by Mickaëlle Provost.