Two new articles have been added to NWR Volume 9 and are now availble online for open review:

Mikel Burely:  "We are Human Beings, and We Value Human Life": Glock
and Diamond on Mental Capacities and Animal Ethics

Jasmin Trächtler:  Wittgenstein on 'Imaginability' as a Criterion for
Logical Possibility

The submissions are issued as prepublications for Open Review.

In NWR's new publication model submissions are released online as soon
as they have been accepted for publication. The issue builds gradually,
with articles being added to the contents list as soon as they are
ready. The "issue in progress" is the issue that is open and to which we
are continuously adding new articles. At the end of the year, the issue
is closed. It will then be typeset and published as an annual volume
(Volume 9, 2020).

In this new model we no longer have specific deadlines for submissions.
Received submissions are processed continuously, and those that are
accepted after peer review are released online with as little delay as
possible. See our continuous publication FAQ for further details.  

All accepted submissions are first released as "Prepublication for Open
Review". During this time, it is possible to comment on the article.
After the open review period, the author has the possibility to revise
the prepublication version of the submission before final publication.
More information on open review can be found here.