Volume 4 / Number 2 (Dec 2015), eds. Martin Gustafsson, Anne-Marie Søndergaard Christensen, Yrsa Neuman

Table of Contents

Note from the Editors

Note from the Editors PDF
Yrsa Neuman, Anne-Marie Søndergaard Christensen, Martin Gustafsson 5-6

Invited Paper

Naturalism, Conventionalism, and Forms of Life: Wittgenstein and the "Cratylus" FULLTEXT PDF
Paul M Livingston 7-38

Section i: Articles

Reincarnation and the Lack of Imagination in Philosophy FULLTEXT PDF
Mikel Burley 39-64
A Missing Folio at the Beginning of Wittgenstein's MS 104 FULLTEXT PDF
Martin Pilch 65-97
"Let us imagine...": Wittgenstein's Invitation to Philosophy FULLTEXT PDF
Beth Savickey 98-115

Section iii: From the Archives

On the Ketner and Eigsti Edition of Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Frazer’s "The Golden Bough" FULLTEXT PDF
Peter K. Westergaard 117-142

Section iv: Book Reviews

Wittgenstein’s Lecture on Ethics, edited by Zamuner, Di Lascio & Levy FULLTEXT PDF
Lars Hertzberg 143-145
Some Thoughts on "Varieties of Skepticism" by James Conant and Andrea Kern (eds.) FULLTEXT PDF
Adam Leite 146-152
Review of "Clarity and Confusion in Social Theory" by Leonidas Tsilipakos FULLTEXT PDF
Robert Vinten 153-156

ISSN: 2242-248X