Nordic Wittgenstein Review

Nordic Wittgenstein Review (NWR) publishes original contributions on all aspects of Wittgenstein's thought and work. Each issue includes an invited paper, a peer-reviewed articles section, an archival section or an interview, as well as a book review section. The journal is published by the Nordic Wittgenstein Society (NWS).


- Deadline for Vol. 5 / No. 2: Jan. 31, 2016, Publ. Dec. 2016
- Deadline for Vol. 6 / No. 1: Aug. 31, 2016. Publ. June 2017
- Deadline for Vol. 6 / No. 2: Jan. 31, 2017. Publ. Dec. 2017.

*SPECIAL ISSUE 2015*: Wittgenstein and Forms of Life, eds. Eds Daniele Moyal-Sharrock, Sandra Laugier and Piergiorgio Donatelli

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Volume 5 / Number 1 (Jun 2016), eds. Anne-Marie Søndergaard Christensen, Martin Gustafsson, Yrsa Neuman

Table of Contents

Note from the Editors

Note from the Editors FULLTEXT PDF
Yrsa Neuman, Anne-Marie Søndergaard Christensen, Martin Gustafsson 5-7

Invited Paper

Thinking about Animals: James, Wittgenstein, Hearne FULLTEXT PDF
Russell B. Goodman 9-29

Section i: Articles

Wittgenstein and Family Concepts FULLTEXT PDF
Odai Al Zoubi 31-54
Cora Diamond and the Moral Imagination FULLTEXT PDF
Christopher Cordner, Andrew Gleeson 55-77
Wittgenstein on Perspicuous Presentations and Grammatical Self-Knowledge FULLTEXT PDF
Christian Georg Martin 79-108
On a Philosophical Motivation for Mutilating Truth Tables FULLTEXT PDF
Marcos Silva 109-130

Section iv: Book Reviews

Review of Inside Ethics: On the Demands of Moral Thought by Alice Crary FULLTEXT PDF
Stina Bäckström 131-138
Review of Representation and Reality in Wittgenstein's Tractatus by J. L. Zalabardo FULLTEXT PDF
Silver Bronzo 139-144
Review of Formen des Klärens by Christian Erbacher FULLTEXT PDF
Tea Jankovic 145-149

ISSN: 2242-248X