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Nordic Wittgenstein Review (NWR) publishes original contributions on all aspects of Wittgenstein's thought and work. Each issue includes an invited paper, a peer-reviewed articles section, an archival section or an interview, as well as a book review section. The journal is published by the Nordic Wittgenstein Society (NWS).


- Deadline for Vol. 4 / No. 2: Jan. 31, 2015. Publ. Dec. 2015
- Deadline for Vol. 5 / No. 1: Aug. 31, 2015, Publ. June 2016
- Deadline for Vol. 5 / No. 2: Jan. 31, 2015, Publ. Dec. 2016

*SPECIAL ISSUE 2015*: Wittgenstein and Forms of Life, eds. Eds Daniele Moyal-Sharrock, Sandra Laugier and Piergiorgio Donatelli

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(Forthcoming) Volume 4 / Number 1 (2015)

The submitted articles in this issue were open for comments during April 2015 in our PREPRINT OPEN REVIEW. The final versions of these articles and the remainder of the content will be published in June 2015.

Table of Contents

Note from the Editors

Note by the Editors
Yrsa Neuman, Anne-Marie Søndergaard Christensen, Martin Gustafsson

Invited Paper

The Origin of Symbolic Mathematics and the End of the Science of Quantity
Sören Stenlund

Section i: Articles

Aspect-Perception as a Philosophical Method
Reshef Agam-Segal
Perceptual Experience and Seeing-as
Daniel Enrique Kalpokas
Wittgenstein on Vaihinger and Frazer
Carlos Alves Pereira
Does Wittgenstein have a Method? The Challenges of Conant and Schulte
Sebastian Wyss

Section iii: From the Archives

The First Nine Months of Editing Wittgenstein - Letters from G.E.M. Anscombe and Rush Rhees to G.H. von Wright
Christian Eric Erbacher, Sophia Victoria Krebs

Section iv: Book Reviews

Wittgenstein and Logic Today: The Logical Must by Penelope Maddy
Oskari Kuusela
Beyond the Inner-Outer Model: Subjectivity after Wittgenstein by Chantal Bax
Olli Lagerspetz
The Nachlass Self-contained: The Textual Genesis of Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations by Nuno Venturinha
Marcos Silva
Imagination and Calculus: Wittgenstein’s Later Theory of Meaning by Hans Julius Schneider
Martijn Wallage

ISSN: 2242-248X